Age of Wonders Lore Series ~ Story & History

Thinking back to my Guild Wars 2 video content (not gameplay, but informative stuff), I decided to go back to that kind of content with Age of Wonders. Starting with AoW1, I created a lore video that covers an abridged version of the history, story, and events of the first game.

Of course we’re all waiting for Age of Wonders 3, but we do what we can for now. If you haven’t seen my Age of Wonders 1 complete let’s play, well, here it is. It starts out at me recording at 1080p, but due to popular request, I dropped to 720 and scaled it up and enhanced it to 1080 so it’s actually clearer and easier to see what’s going on. I agree, 720 is better.

I searched all over the Internet for an Age of Wonders 1 map of the Blessed Continent, and every one I could find was cropped to cut out the text that was on the screen. So I captured a few images myself and Photoshopped a clean version of just the terrain and a version with the race labels:



Hope you enjoyed the video!

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