These are a collection of gaming articles I have written for your perusal. Enjoy the writing about video games & the industry!

Gaming as a Career

The YouTube logo icon on a red background - Writing by GamerZakh

Your guide to starting a gaming channel in 2020

Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7 walking through fire - Writing by GamerZakh

The sacrifices made to become a gaming YouTuber

Sombra from the game Overwatch watching multiple screens - Writing by GamerZakh

Why do people watch others play video games?

Mario carrying things for construction on a bright yellow background from the game Mario Maker 2 - Writing by GamerZakh

The Positive Effects of Being a Gaming YouTuber

A collection of items related to gaming and streaming, like spectacles, a notebook, and a microphone - Writing by GamerZakh

The Daily Life of a Gaming YouTuber & Streamer

A character in the video game Youtubers Life streaming - Writing by GamerZakh

How I Turned My Passion for Gaming into a Career

Screenshot of Hanzo from Overwatch in formal attire - Writing by GamerZakh

How to Have a Career in Video Games

LinkedIn Articles

A character from The Sims 1 sitting at home on the computer - Writing by GamerZakh

Why I Quit My Last 3 Jobs

A diamond block in Minecraft surrounded by bedrock - Writing by GamerZakh

Quality VS Quantity? They’re the same thing

A number of social media platform icons moving quickly - Writing by GamerZakh

A Kick-start Tactic to building an Online Brand

A collection of broken hearts with one full heart in the middle - Writing by GamerZakh

How ‘Not Focusing’​ Allowed Me To Find My Passion

A graph showing the channel's growth from 2011 to 2019 - Writing by GamerZakh

Becoming a Full Time Gaming Content Creator

Opinion Pieces

A married couple from the video game Uncharted hanging out while gaming - Writing by GamerZakh

There has never been a better time to be a gamer

A character in the video game Youtubers Life streaming - Writing by GamerZakh

Cloud Gaming is an Inevitable Future but is Google Stadia It?

A character from the video game Destiny walking away from the camera - Writing by GamerZakh

What Are Video Game Publishers & Why Bungie Celebrates Splitting From Activision

A character from the game Cyberpunk 2077 - Writing by GamerZakh

What is Next-gen Gaming? New Games, Consoles, & Nvidia GPUs?

Reaper from Overwatch shrugging in front of the Blizzard World sign - Writing by GamerZakh

What Makes A Good Esports Title & Why Overwatch is Struggling

An image of Zenyatta from Overwatch, who floats, confusingly trapped in a Junkrat bear trap - Writing by GamerZakh

Why ‘Video Game Logic’ is the Best & Worst Thing About Video Games

An image of the Time Tinker card from Hearthstone - Writing by GamerZakh

What’s Wrong with Video Game Review Scores & How You Can Help

Mercy from Overwatch with a quizzical expression - Writing by GamerZakh

Are Video Games Really Getting Worse?

A base in the video game, They Are Billions - Writing by GamerZakh

Video Game Genres & Why They Matter

Games to Play

The main character from the video game Gris - Writing by GamerZakh

10 of The Most Artistic & Beautiful Video Games of All Time

The doctor from the video game Theme Hospital - Writing by GamerZakh

10 of the Best Video Game Spiritual Successors & Why They’re Good

Two characters from the game Warcraft 3 but with the new HD graphics - Writing by GamerZakh

Old Video Game Remakes & Remasters are In Style – 5 of the Best To Play

Alice from American McGee's Madness Returns video game - Writing by GamerZakh

10 Scary & Not Scary Horror Games: Why I Love & Hate Them All

A line of zombie and Halloween-themed characters from Killing Floor 2 - Writing by GamerZakh

13 Zombie Video Games to Play For Halloween

An image depicting a party from One Night in Karazhan from Hearthstone - Writing by GamerZakh

What Makes the Best Party Video Games That Are Actually Fun

A medieval village on a hillside from the game, Foundation - Writing by GamerZakh

The Best City-building Games of All Time & Why They’re Back in Style

The emperor from Dune 2 - Writing by GamerZakh

90s Video Games WAY Ahead of Their Time & How to Play Them

The game Overcooked poster of many characters - Writing by GamerZakh

9 Co-op Video Games for Couples & Dates