How to Support the Channel

Thank you for dropping by! My name is Zakh and I run a YouTube and Twitch channel about video games. I started my channel in 2011 and have tried my best, dedicating countless hours to improving the standards of nostalgic video game content—the quality of my vocals, editing and animation, and deeper research into reviews and journalistic coverage—to bring you the best nostalgic and informative gaming I can.

Kicking advertisers out

Ads suck! YouTube doesn’t feel very ‘YOU’ anymore. Advertisers on platforms like YouTube control and influence things because they’re paying the bills. Signing up for things like YouTube Premium which removes ads and puts you in the role of the advertiser, paying to keep YouTube running and giving a bigger cut to creators, is one good way of taking over the role of the advertisers in the YouTube environment. It’s the only way to make YouTube ‘YOU’ again and kicking advertisers out of the captain’s chair is the best way forward for all of us so we can get better funded content without fearing threats from corporations. I know not everyone wants to or can sign up for YouTube Premium, so in line with this approach I’m dedicated to reducing the number of ads on my channel according to how much support I get on Patreon, YouTube Memberships, and Twitch subscribers. I’ve already cut down ads to a third of the ‘norm’ on YouTube and would like to continue until ads can be almost gone entirely.

Here is what I’ve done to reduce ads on my channel:

An image showing how ads on the GamerZakh channel have been reduced

Should you give me money?

If you would like to help me achieve total independence to focus 100% on the channel and community then you could use one of the ways to support the channel below, and I would be super honoured by your generosity! At the end of the day, it boils down to supporting the work you like.

If you have come to this page and spent time reading, thank you! You considering supporting the channel directly is a big deal already. I would not be in the position I am now without your support and I can only try my best to continue improving the quality of my content for you to enjoy.

To support the channel directly monetarily, these are the best ways:

Each method has benefits but don’t worry about which is more efficient. What works best for you is the best way.

What if you want to support but not with money?

That’s great! The idea is that a few who can and want to subsidise the rest. We all get to enjoy fewer ads because of that. If you want to support the channel in other ways, simply being active in the community is absolutely the best way. Join our Discord, like a video, leave a comment. All those things add up and mean a lot.