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Welcome to the List Hub! This is a place that expands the experience of the annual list videos released on the GamerZakh channel. Behind the scenes content, community discussions on Discord, voting (because everyone likes picking favourites), and a ton of extra games that weren’t able to be mentioned in the videos themselves. Press play on the music video and have a look through everything we have here. Enjoy!


Listen to the music used in the videos while you explore this page.

The Abode of Snow – Bonnie Grace 0:00
Army of Angels – Edgar Hopp 2:18
The Norman Kings – Bonnie Grace 4:39
Leaping Ideas 1 – August Wilhelmsson 7:48
The Portal – Bonnie Grace 9:46
Guardians – Dream Cave 12:35

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Alternative thumbnails

These are thumbnails I made that I didn’t end up using for the lists. I always make 2-5 thumbnails and the secret to choosing which one is the best is that I show Mrs GamerZakh them all and she chooses the best one. She always knows best.

Unlisted games that didn’t make the cut

When researching the list videos, I come across countless games that I have to filter through and decide which ones to include. Sometimes there is a contention of whether a game actually belongs to a certain genre. Other times, development or updates of the game aren’t up to standards and I don’t feel comfortable including it. Maybe a game was just announced or became discoverable after the lists were made, I don’t have a crystal ball, so unfortunate timing can mean deserving games aren’t included.

Nebuchadnezzar (City-building)

Was just announced.

Sumerians (City-building)

Was just announced.

Dynasty of the Sands (City-building)

Might be interesting but seems very incomplete at the time of making the list.

New Cities (City-building)

A small indie thing that didn’t seem to be making much impact.

Endzone – A World Apart (City-building)

Just about coming to early access.

Manor Lords (City-building)

Just recently announced.

Imperiums: Greek Wars (Strategy)

Was just announced.

Alliance of the Sacred Suns (Strategy)

An indie 4X. It still had a long way to go at the time and it’s release was TBD, so I didn’t think it would be releasing by 2021. Checking it now, it says they’re signing with a publisher with an early access release planned on Steam but still no fixed date, so I probably will list it in the next set of lists

Old World (Strategy)

Announced later and is a 4X like Humankind but stays in ancient times.

Songs of Syx (Simulation)

An interesting colony sim on the way.

Valar (MMORPG)

Was only just announced.

Core Punk (MMORPG)

Entering Beta at the end of 2020, so I can list it next year.

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous (RPG)

This only just got funded on Kickstarter.

SKALD: Against the Black Priory (RPG)

A super retro RPG on the way, funded on Kickstarter but unsure if it’ll release any time soon.

Drox Operative 2 (Space)

Was just announced.

Hardspace: Shipbreakers (Space)

Was just announced.