On Live Streaming & More

Hi all!

No, this isn’t an April Fools’ post, I don’t really do those.

Just messaging to let you all know about some channel updates and what’s to come!


Live Streaming

Live streaming for me has been a slow and steady learning process, from offline experiments with Fallout 2 last year to my first live show on YouTube with Firewatch. They haven’t been perfect, so I’m currently using Stardew Valley to practice and figure out all the weird kinks that I encounter (like lip sync issues!).  Now that I’ve managed to kind of get into a weekly stream, I decided to up the consistency by fixing a time.

I’ve fixed a live stream time once a week, so you will know every week when I’ll be streaming. I know it’s not the best time for everyone, but I have to choose a time when I can guaranteed be free.

So the time is:

Saturday, 9AM (GMT +8)

Which is Friday evening if you’re in California (PST) or New York. Unfortunately, it’s not such a great time for the UK, which would be about 2AM. I would love to stream at a time when everyone is available but I’m going to stick to this for now as I’ve never actually done a scheduled live show before and I’m still working things out.



Another reason why I’m pushing to get into streaming is regards to building a community. Uploading videos and responding to comments is awesome, but the real chats and interactions just can’t happen. Social media is an option, though my facebook and twitter isn’t really followed by that many and often I get told by people that they just don’t check that stuff. When I’m live and looking at chat, however, people ask questions and give opinions much more than they do otherwise, which I love and hope to foster because that’s how I really learn.



I know the channel has been a little overwhelmed with Stardew Valley recently. So, I’d like to let you know that more variety is returning, with a new game every week on Mondays through Gamer Encounters and retro gaming on the weekends. I’ll be getting back into city-building soon for Sundays but this first weekend is going to start up a new (but short) retro adventure with weekly uploads on Saturday. I’m also going to try work in a second stream of the week (not scheduled) to get back into Fallout 2, only live this time, as I know many have been asking for that.

So ideally, the week on my channel would look like this:

Saturday ► Retro gaming

Sunday ► City-building

Monday ► Gamer Encounters!

Mon-Fri ► Let’s Plays


That would mean 2 videos on Monday but live streaming creates a lot of videos right now.

And that’s about it for now.

Hope that keeps you in the know and clears up what’s going on with the channel.

Thank you so much for reading!

Take care!


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