The Zakhcolyte Grand Festival

The first ever Zakhcolyte Grand Festival is going to happen! A day where we all come together to play nostalgic multiplayer games that you might not have played in ages. It’s not about skill, it’s about having fun. GamerZakh will be hosting his own multiplayer games that you’ll be able to join, you can host your own games as we’ll have lots of people ready to play, and if you’re up for streaming you can stream your own perspective to the Zakhcolyte Twitch community for all to see. 9 hours, 5 games, just chill nostalgic fun times with humans. Let’s go!


GMT LONDON: 3PM – Midnight
GMT +8 MALAYSIA: 11PM – 8AM (on the 17th, basically 16th night time midnight)


0. An hour of nostalgic video game music to get things started ~1 Hour

1. Age of Empires 1 [8 Player Nomad Deathmatch / 2v2v2] ~1.5 Hours

2. Populous: The Beginning [2v2] ~1.5 Hour

3. Age of Mythology [4v4] ~1.5 Hours

4. Stronghold Crusader [2v2] ~1.5 Hours

5. OpenTTD [FFA] ~2 Hours


There will probably be giveaways happening or maybe you have something you want to give away? The place for that is on the Discord server at on the #giveaways channel


1. Follow at (and turn on notifications to make sure you don’t miss it!)
2. Join to get key info and meet the rest of the community
3. Download and install what’s required for each game ahead of time:

*Supporters (Twitch Subs/Patreons) will get a chance at joining games with the password first provided in the exclusive SubHub channel on Discord but if the room doesn’t fill the password will be posted to the public, also on Discord in Hubworld.

Age of Empires 1
As Age of Empires 1 is currently being remastered, I can’t link directly to where to get the game. You’ll be able to buy old disks for Age of Empires 1 off Amazon or similar services, otherwise you’ll need to search for this kind of ‘Abandonware’ on relevant websites. Once the Definitive Edition releases, I will be using that for future multiplayer games.

Then, once you have Age of Empires 1 and the Rise of Rome expansion installed, you’ll need to install UpatchHD to get it to the correct version and so you can run it in HD widescreen.

Copy the custom Nomad Deathmatch map into your map folder:
“C:\Users\*your PC username*\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires\scenario”

You can get the custom map I made here:

If GameRanger keeps asking for Flash to be installed, ask on on for a Flash install file that works.

Populous: The Beginning
Follow the instructions and links on what to install on that page. After installing the matchmaker and trying to log in, you may find that it gets ‘stuck’ and nothing responds. It’s actually doing something in the background and may actually not even show anything on your screen. Just let it run for 10-20 minutes in the background and it might suddenly pop up on your screen ready to use. If it still doesn’t show, try ending the process in your task manager and restart/shut down turn on your PC. This only happens the first time you run the matchmaker and log in.

Age of Mythology
Purchase on Steam
Multiplayer will require you adding me on Steam and I manually inviting you. Do this live on the day so I know who is adding me.

Stronghold Crusader
Purchase on Steam

If GameRanger keeps asking for Flash to be installed, ask on on for a Flash install file that works.

Download the installer and if you don’t know how to play the game go through the tutorial on the wiki. Also, read the rules!


Tutorial (Takes 30 minutes)

How to Multiplayer

General Multiplayer Rules


Since there will be a larger collection of people ready to play these games, even if you don’t manage to join the matches I host it’ll be a great opportunity to host your own games and have people join! There will be channels dedicated on Discord ( for you to look for groups for the 5 games.


Share your perspective! If you would like to stream yourself and your own perspective while we play games or you just want to share your channel, be sure to stream to the Zakhcolytes Twitch Community so we can all find it!

Share streams to the community, you set this on your Twitch dashboard by searching for ‘GamerZakh’ or ‘Zakhcolytes’ for communities

Watch multiple streams at once

If you want to get started with streaming, you’ll need OBS Studio

Tom’s Guide has a good tutorial on how to get started,news-21077.html

And that’s everything! Be sure to take part — get those games running, join discord, tune in, play games, share your perspective, and most importantly, have fun! It doesn’t matter if you’ll suck at the games. I will suck at the games. Just jump in and do what’s fun for yourself and for everyone!