Is PC Gaming Dead? Here are over 50 great PC titles set for release in the 2nd half of 2016!

Over 50 great PC games set for release in the 2nd half of 2016! In no particular order: Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade Jenny LeClue Baldur’s Gate “Adventure Y” Project Necropolis Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor Budget Read more ›

Video Game Logic?


(Today’s topic: Video Game Logic – These writings are topics that I have held in reserve and originally meant for videos but I never got around to making them. I’m releasing them on my blog as written pieces as I Read more ›

A Refocus on Retro Gaming


Hey guys! So, I’ve been thinking—building an audience on YouTube (or on any platform) is hard. Not exactly newsworthy but still an important fact to keep in mind, whether you’re at 100 followers or a million. I’ve always prided myself Read more ›

On Live Streaming & More

Hi all! No, this isn’t an April Fools’ post, I don’t really do those. Just messaging to let you all know about some channel updates and what’s to come!   Live Streaming Live streaming for me has been a slow Read more ›

What is Next-Gen Gaming?


As I made a video on next-gen gaming, I decided to post the transcript here in the form of a web article. So, here you go! Hey guys! GamerZakh here with a discussional video—next-gen gaming. Developers, publishers, and gamers all Read more ›

Video Game Rating Systems – Issues & Experiment

After quite some time thinking about how we rate and score video games, I’ve created 2 special videos. The first discusses the issues we face when it comes to video game rating and scoring systems; the second is an experiment Read more ›

Top 10 PC Games to Watch in 2014 by Genre!


After quite a lot of time and effort (6-8 hours per video), I have managed to create and release all 10 episode of the top PC games to watch this year. Researching, script writing, vocal recording, video and logo collection, Read more ›

Age of Wonders Lore Series ~ Story & History


Thinking back to my Guild Wars 2 video content (not gameplay, but informative stuff), I decided to go back to that kind of content with Age of Wonders. Starting with AoW1, I created a lore video that covers an abridged Read more ›

Skyrim RealVision ENB Tweaked File


My Skyrim videos have been progressing nicely and I’m wondering if you’d like to use the same ENB that I’m using. I started with the RealVision ENB but then tweaked it somewhat to my liking, making it more enjoyable for Read more ›

GamerZakh 1st Birthday!


Well alright then! Although I made my channel on September 9th, 2011, I became a YouTuber on March 5th with the start of my Caesar 3 videos and regular uploads. 1 year later I have 3,000 subscribers and over half Read more ›

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