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This page is a small collection of my work that best shows off my style when it comes to games coverage. Below you will find journalistic content, reviews, discussional pieces, retro gameplay, live streams, and even some academic stuff. Hope you enjoy it and thanks for watching!

Journalistic Content

‘List content’ and Top 10s are always a favourite for viewers as they are able to get clear but concise information in a short time. I personally try to keep these videos around 8 minutes or below as I find it unnecessary to over explain things. These videos keep people in the know and often reveal new games that they might have never heard of.

Informational Content

When it comes to games, upcoming ones especially, there are often many in-depth things that can be analysed and presented to an audience. These aren’t really news, reviews, or discussions, but more of a presentation of information and conclusions acting as educational pieces or just pieces of interest. My Civilization VI series that was made before the release of the game is the best example of this on my channel but I did a similar series for Guild Wars 2.


Reviewing a game is always a balancing act of subjectivity with objectivity. The experiences, knowledge, and intuition of the reviewer come into play but ultimately you need to show consumers what they need to make an informed decision on what they should do with the game, whether it would to buy it, watch it, or ignore it.

Classic City-building

Growing up with the old Impressions games—Caesar III, Pharaoh, Zeus, and Emperor—I became good at the games back in the late-90s by hanging out on Heaven Games. In 2012, I did a full playthrough of Caesar III to surprising success and recently I have revived the campaign to make it bigger, better, and HD. My channel and community are ingrained in these old city-builders and has become a centre for enthusiasts.

Nostalgic Gameplay

Something that I came to be known for on YouTube is retro gameplay of titles from the 90s and early-2000s. It wasn’t intentional at the start but new games were expensive and I wanted to revisit some of my favourites. It just so happens that this attracted a specific audience that were looking for high quality videos on old games and there wasn’t much of that going around.

Live Streams

Live streaming is a growing trend and I decided to get into it. Making videos of gameplay with a live audience can be stressful but the interaction with them can enhance the experience tremendously. It has become one of my favourite types of content to make. Figuring out and slowly improving my setup from a green screen to acoustic foam is also fun.

Discussional Pieces

Discussions and debates about the nuances of video games can be complex but sometimes it’s fun to delve into a specific area and see how deep it goes. Turns out, whatever aspect of gaming you pick, it goes very deep. I make these pieces so that people can see that gaming isn’t just about pressing buttons and watching things die.

Academic Stuff

With my background in education as a high school teacher, academics are always in the back of my mind but drawing them out of videos games is particularly enjoyable. Deep analysis and cross-referencing sources to draw interesting conclusions can show people that gaming is just as legit as any other form of media.

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