Origin Story

I’ve been a gamer my whole life. My house actually had gaming consoles before I was born thanks to my parents’ interest in the machines at the time. It could only play Pong really, but it set a precedence for future gaming purchases. We also were one of the few families that had a home computer in the early 90s and we got dial-up Internet pretty much as soon as it was available.

Growing up, I played a wide variety of games. As it tends to go, the selection consisted mainly of the random games that my dad brought back from work or whatever he found interesting at the shop. Above is a video series that covers the majority of the games that I played pre-1996, specifically pre-Playstation and before I started Primary school.

Towards the end of 2011, I realised that I hadn’t played a video game for almost 2 years. I needed an excuse — some kind of reason to start playing again. Just playing games felt like a waste of time, so, inspired by great gaming YouTubers such as The Yogscast, TotalBiscuit, and Day9, I started my channel on September 9th, 2011, with a let’s play of From Dust.

After completing the let’s play, I didn’t touch my channel for some time. I didn’t feel I was confident enough to make better quality content and I was going through a tough semester in my Degree. Eventually, I had some free time and dedicated myself to becoming an actual YouTuber who creates regular gaming content. March 5th, 2012 is when I started my Caesar 3 playthough and this is the day I consider my start as a YouTuber.

I chose Caesar 3 because it’s a game I loved, no one seemed to have a complete high quality let’s play of it, and I didn’t think anyone would watch a game so old. It turns out Caesar 3 became one of my most successful and liked series.

Pedantic Analytics

I have a few milestones that I set from observing other YouTuber’s rise to fame:

  • 500 subs – The content you’re making is worthwhile and you just have to continue to improve.
  • 1,000 subs – People start to take you seriously as a YouTuber, but you’re not getting enough exposure.
  • 5,000 subs – You’re 1 lucky video or shoutout away from making it big, but there’s no way else but up.
  • 10,000 subs – You’ve basically made it and people like your content. People will think you’re totes legit.
  • 50,000 subs – You can go full time into your channel and make it your job.
  • 100,000 subs – You’ve made it, are stable, and people will now take you as a serious ‘personality’.

My goals for 2014-2015 were the most important time of my channel. If I was able to hit around 25,000 subscribers by May 2015, I would have the option of going full time into YouTube (not 50,000 because I have other freelance jobs that supplement my income). This means that I needed steady growth through 2014 and 2015 that looked something like this:

January 14 +300 (316) 6,100 (6,016)
February 14 +400 (319) 6,500 (6,335)
March 14 +500 (579) 7,000 (6,914)
April 14 +600 (818) 7,600 (7,732)
May 14 +700 (1075) 8,300 (8,807)
June 14 +800 (1157) 9,100 (9,964)
July 14 +900 (1191) 10,000 (11,155)
August 14 +1000 (1104) 11,000 (12,259)
September 14 +1100 (893) 12,100 (13,152)
October 14 +1200 (813) 13,300 (13,965)
November 14 +1300 (914) 14,600 (14,879)
December 14 +1400 (1626) 16,000 (16,505)
January 15 +1500 (1893) 17,500 (18,398)
February 15 +1600 (1980) 19,100 (20,378)
March 15 +1700 (1629) 20,800 (22,027)
April 15 +1800 (1223) 22,600 (23,250)
May 15 +1900 (994) 24,500 (24,244)
June 15 +2000 (924) 26,500 (25,168)

Well, I didn’t quite reach my target towards the end due to the wane of new subscribers after my 2015 Top 10 videos. However, I still managed to get to 25,000 subscribers by the time I went ‘full time’ into YouTubing, which started in July 2015. So, what’s the next big milestone? 50,000 subscribers seems like it at first, but from here the only real goal is to make a name for myself on YouTube. From what I see, you need at least 100,000 subscribers for people to really take you seriously, so here I go!

Where I am now!

That’s it; that’s my ‘career’ as a gaming YouTuber. Thanks for reading this and I hope you enjoy the content I make. I’ll see you in the next video!

Vlogs & Stuff

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Me at 5,000 subscribers

Me at the start of 2014

Me at 10,000 subscribers

Me at the start of 2015

Me at 25,000 subscribers

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Me at the start of 2018

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